“ICONO Media” F1 positioning

Having a F1 of its own took ten years to build. At first conformed with many parts from many sides. We started in 2008, out of nowhere and with a computer in the COLOMOS studio at CDGDL México. Our step through Desplegado.com and Curriculum.com.mx were the bases of what in digital formats and then merge the PRESS experience from 2008 to 2012 that we started to be Digital …

By: Alvaro López EDITIONS ICONO.- With a very defined flight plan we were constituted in 2007 to have a name and an official date of birth “Alta Corporativo Editores S.A. Of C.V. “is the company that will give shelter to the brand” ICON “which is an evolution of other names. In ICONO we find identity, idea, information base and universal name to take off in a process of two years initially. During the first decade, we went from being a weekly printed proposal to a thematic media project with large national circulation and coverings … having edited several editions of more than one hundred thousand copies gave us guidelines for four years.

Digital evolution, or formalizing our 100% digital presence is given in 2012 through the incursion of PDF formats and the ISSUU platform. In 2012 our presence in social networks is a reflection of a path that was born in 2009 on WordPress.com platforms.- The changes and policies of Facebook, makes us not forget the BLOGS project being the basis of our content.

The Informative Guide has been linked to different information agencies, among which are Reporte Indigo, XINHUA and today TeleMundo in formats of EEU and Carmen Aristegui News in CDMX under a pseudonym Alvaro Tostado. This only in Networks. At Home we have our own agenda and we do not follow anyone, we have two years of being independent in our editorial contents.

The trends that frame on the one hand CONTENTS and on the other hand Advertising will be merged in a different context. We gave an innovation in the market with a series of COVERS and Editorial Covers that allowed us to put together INFORMATIVE PORTAFOLIOS, some with commercial and other informative trends, that gave rise to our project http://PortafoliosICONO.com

We want to run on all tracks and we are preparing the way for other pilots to take REPLICAS from our operating formula. In ICONO we are competitive with other media forms to operate and conquer the markets of promotion, dissemination and positioning. At the same time we are in contexts of connectivity, the links to all the platforms are key in our presentations. We take the best of each technology to make it integral, low cost and high impact.

Our star project is the only CDC in the world http://CentroDigitaldeConvenciones.com in the we are inserting complete pavilions of sectors that require promotion of high impact, permanent, accessible from any mobile device. The stages of the print have remained in history today is limiting its cost of production and its scope … we are beyond the borders and distances. We are #MundosDigitales de #EdiccionesICONO, constantly evolving, changing and conquering new clues of information, entertainment, exhibition markets.

We hope to evolve also the castings of the platform of http://Youtube.com/AlvaroLopez50  so far we are in many sites … more than five hundred options of the web.


At ICONO our Digital Communities are key to the positioning of our COVERS or COVERS customers. Each and every one of them has managed to conquer positions on the web, starting with the publication of small reports that allow you to link to your own webs and social networks with our publications services.

In ICONO The media go from informing to connecting, they go beyond the borders interlacing their contents with a direct fusion on their audiences. Today the evolution focuses on connectivity, dynamic information exchange, clicks, links, networks … everything in images, gadget multimedia and interpersonal relationships that leave behind the rules and boundaries as they have been known for the last 20 centuries.



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